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Anthony D. Armstrong
/ ADX Skateboarding History Starting In The 1970s.

When you like skateboarding, you never thing about stopping. - To this very day, I carry a skateboard in my car
like I’m going to hit a skateboard spot. That never happens. I just think about it, haha! I do try too get out and
skateboard every month. When 2013 hits. I will have been skateboarding for over 40 years.

Here's the last time I skateboarded on YouTube 2015.
The big spark that set it off!

My first skateboard - Twobuy4 with Steel wheel.
Back in the day, roller skates were steel adjustable skate, that clipped on to the bottom of your shoes.
Take one roller skates clip-on apart and nail it to both ends of a twobuy4. Skateboarding!
I cant remember where I got the idea to make a skateboard. The twobuy4 skateboard sucked.
I tried making one with a piece of plywood later. It sucked also, so I didn’t get into real skateboarding until much later.
No Photos found
My first real skateboard
GT skateboards / GT Grentec 24” Poly. It was the Bomb!!!!
I love my GT so much, I would fall a sleep looking at it. It was super cool! (To a skinny kid?)
No Photos found, but I will keep looking.
I sold most of my old skate stuff on eBay recently, but I kept three damaged Skateboarder mags.
Good thing because I found the ad for my GT Grentec.
Before the first skateboard parks show up, we would have skateboard contest in own neighborhood.
Maybe 10 to 15 black kid.
The reason for telling you about the skateboard contest with black kids.
In Dallas TX at this time, it was segregated. Every kid in my neighborhood skateboarded and was very good.
I thought we were the only kids that skateboarded in Dallas, TX. I had know idea other kids skateboarded.
I found that, most of my white friend think, black family talk about stuff like segregation all the time.
Own parents just didn’t tell us. When you think about it, how do you explain segregation to a kid.
I thought we were the only skateboarders in Dallas TX.
When my parents took us to the skateboard park for the first time. I was blown away! It was so many kid skateboarding like us. haha
The time between my first GT and my R.O.C.O. skateboard, Tons of concrete skateboard parks popped up.
USA, MidCity and Freeflit. I think there were a few more, I just cant remember.
It was a long drive to the skate parks of own parents. So we had to do chores at home to get them to talk us. For the most part, I didn’t go to the skate parks a lot.

One time at USA skate park, remember this white kid skating the bowl up near the front of the skate park.
He was good and skated fast, doing inverts and airs. I think that kid was Jeff Phillips. I did say anything to him because he was good.
( Note: I was just a kid )
I had know idea I save this USA skate park flyer. 1987 Very cool!
Then all of the skate parks disappear?
I kept skateboarding because skating was one thing I could do really good. I couldn’t read good in school, I was to skinny, I didn’t look cool
in school and every A-hole wanted to start a fight with me. But! When I hopped on my skateboard, I felt like the bomb! know body could put me down.
Now! One more time! My first real skateboard, hahaha
R.O.C.O. fiberglass skateboard deck, ACS 430 trucks and Pure Juice wheels.
This skateboard was bad ass! It had real sealed bearing. It was fast and smooth.
It look so cool with the Pure Juice red wheels. DAM!
I had this R.O.C.O. fiberglass skateboard for years. One bad thing about this board. The fiberglass would separate into fibers when you crashed it.
I would itch for days. I crack the trucks a few times and when throw a few sets of wheels.
Yes! that’s me skating the R.O.C.O. getting ready to do a one foot wheelie.

See the guy on the right. That’s Al Coker the owner of guapo, a private skate park near down town Dallas.
I found out Al owned a skateboard shop at Valley View Mall in the 70s.
That where I got my R.O.C.O. skateboard from. And Al Coker skateboards to this very day. Cool!
There's a big gap between me skating the R.O.C.O. in that driveway and my first time at Skatetime.
When I got my driver license, I would drive the highways looking for long ditch's to skate.
DFW airport was one of the best places to skate. The Police didn’t mind, DFW airport was a ghost town back in the day.
I skated down town Dallas late at night. Dallas was a ghost town at night also.
I think I was a depress kid at this time and would skateboarder throw the nights looking for something new to skate.
I spent a lot of time by myself skateboarding for years.
Now! Comes Skatetime.

Everything Changed for me in the 80’s
Before Skatetime I most likely was good enough to be a AM skateboarder in the late 70’s
The tricks were slalom, freestyle, 360’s high jump, long jump different types of wheelies.
When I show up on the scene at Skatetime in the 80’s skateboarding had changed.
I had to start over skateboarding to learn the new style of skateboarding.

My first time at Skatetime Pro Shop. I was in shock!
This was the first haft pipe I've ever seen in person. I saw a guy warming up on the Clown Ramp, doing wall slides. It looked supernatural to me, it was cool!
Then he did a back side air near the top. What the F_ck!

The guys skateboarding were so much better than me, it was like being a caveman with a stone skateboard. More guys showed up to skate. They were BAD ASS also.

Now! Most guys would have looked at those good skateboarder and went home, never to return.

I’m skateboarding the wrong type setup (out of date! haha ). What was I thinking?
I’ve got to learn that trick!
Wall slides and back side air!
Wall slides and back side air!
One Track Mind!

I tried skating with the R.O.C.O. fiberglass skateboard ACS trucks and Pure Juice wheels.
That setup wouldn't cut it, I needed a whole new setup. But I could only afford to get a board.

That’s me skating The Clown Ramp at Skatetime Pro Shop.

I’m riding the new board with the old setup ACS trucks and Pure Juice wheels.

The thing I remember most about my first days at Skatetime. There were 4 guys that would pop there skateboards out on the
Clown Ramp deck and stop guys from skating and tell me to hop on the Clown Ramp and take a run.
If they didn’t do that for me, I would never get a chance to skate.
The guys were?

Jeff Phillips, Dan Wilkes and Craig Johnson.
The 80s were the best.
The best skateboarder in Dallas TX were nice to a nobodies like me.
The big spark!
Sims Kamikaze, Gullwing Trucks, purple Kryptonics wheels, purple riser pads, yellow side rail, red nose guard and black tail guard.
That color setup was sweet!

I finally got a full ramp setup. After that my skateboarding took off.
The thing that probably made my skateboarding take off the most was the people I skated with like
Jeff Phillips, Dan Wilkes, Craig Johnson and there friend. They were making up new tricks all the time. When they came back from contest, they had more new tricks.
It was cool being there watching everything happen.
Back in the day Jeff Phillips would rip his grip tape to make designs on his skateboards.
When Jeff Phillips did something, we all did it. Then I started making my own grip tape design.

James Johnson, a buddy of mine that skateboarded with me in the 80s, daughter found this picture cleaning out a box.
This picture is a treasure because I was doing a old-school handstand that was cool in the 70s. I actually remember
asking James to take this pictures at Skatetime Pro Shop. It was the only cool street trick I could do at the time.
James found this picture, November 24, 2016


The first Pro contest I attended at Skatetime Pro Shop WAS BAD ASS!
SUAS - Shut Up and Skate 1984
Jeff Phillips was own best skateboarder in Dallas TX. Jeff Phillips was a machine that did wall to wall hard tricks.
The Pro's from California, blow me away! Several Pro’s doing wall to wall hard trick's that I never seen before doing big airs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
I felt like I was going to pass out. They were out of control good! I had fun!
When the Pro’s stop warming up for the contest. I jump on The Clown Ramp and took a few runs.
I got my friend to take a pictures of me doing a backside grind, I just learn that week.
If you look at my face, you can see how scary that trick was to me at first. haha

PS: Look at that pictures on the right. That’s Melvin and that little store was Skatetime Pro Shop where every thing skateboarding happen in Dallas TX in the 80's.
Melvin was a cool dude, but you did want to make him mad. That the reason I don’t have a lot of pictures of Melvin.
Later on I started working for Melvin at Skatetime in Dallas then at Plano.
I skated a lot of contest and demo, it helped a ton working for Melvin at Skatetime because of all the deck and sk8 gear I was destroying.

Side story
When I met Tony Hawk at Shut Up and Skate, its wasn’t good. I think Tony could here me say, he’s just a kid are something.
Tony gave me a mad look. I though about it later. I was 21 year old at the time but I look 12 are 13.
All my life, I look 10 to 15 years younger than I was. Tony Hawk probably though I was a 13 year old kid calling him a little kid. haha
I did talk to Tony at other contest and demo later. Tony was always a cool guy to hangout with.
Later on I felt bad for Tony because he couldn’t hangout much because a crowd would appear out
of no where. That gets old quick.
I thought about this photo over and over. I think this was my fast time skateboarding a vert
contest at Skatetime Pro Shop on The Clown Ramp. I also found this Skatetime contest
flyer that I was saving for some reason.

I remember this trick. You skate up the ramp backward, grab the deck with your hand and
pop your tail like an ollic. Look at me dude. I was the bomb!
Sometimes the local Pro’s would show us easy trick like this all the time. Then we could work own way up to harder tricks. After Jeff Phillips

skated the Clown Ramp. kids would say, I could never do that and stop skating. Jeff Phillips would show kid easy trick to start with.
Then kids would get stoked again.
I think Dan Wilkes show me the pop the tail trick. Because invert were to scary for me. No Way!

By this time, I was skateboarding 24-7 and going through a lot of skateboard deck, most deck had the same shape in the mid 80s.
I had my grip tape designs ready to stick on. As you can see I put a lot of time into my grip tape designs.
In this picture I finally got Rector Knee Pads.
And I got backside-airs over the deck. I was super Stoked!

The X-Mas Jam - Bike and Skate Pro/Am contest was the first Pro skateboard contest I drove to In Houston Texas. The vert ramp was a monster! It had
over 2 feet of vert, I think. The Clown Ramp in Dallas had maybe a foot of vert. The pictures of me doing a backside air in Houston is the same height as the
pictures above, with me skating the Clown Ramp in Dallas. Man that Houston vert ramp was scary, I couldn’t do a grind on that ramp.

But! The Pro’s were flying on that monster vert. The pictures to the right of the flyer is Christian Hosoi doing a 540. Christian was flying dude!

If I remember this right, Mike Crum was with me at this contest. I do remember Mike Crum skating this vert ramp. Mike Crum's parents would let Mike go every where
with me to skateboard contest on road trips. Back then, Mike was very little, maybe 12 are 13 I think? That kid had on fear and skated that ramp. That little kid walked
up the vert ramps stair. Note: It was a snake session! Mike Crum popped his skateboard out and dropped in!

After looking at Mike drop in on that ramp. I got scared!
Mike was so little. I was thinking, Mike’s parents were going to kill me if he gets injured on this road trip.
Fortunately Mike didn’t slam a lot and I got over my fears. haha

I overlaid the Houston ramp over the Clown Ramp to show the deferent’s in height.
When I looked at that Houston ramp. I was thinking there is no way own Dallas Pro’s could skate that thing.
The picture to the right is Dan Wilkes. The Dallas Pro’s adjusted to that monster ramp with on problems.
I skated street as much as I skated vert.
Kids would always tell me to do a boneless. I would say ok, wondering, that trick?
I was looking through my skate pictures and found this picture of me doing a boneless.
The reason people wanted to see me do a boneless was I could cover more distant than launching off a launch ramp with a lot of height.
The funny thing about this 2 ½ foot air. I couldn’t drop in. I would start at the bottom and pump up to a air. At the time dropping in scared me to death!
I Could Not Drop In!

Around the same time, a lot of us started skating two skateboards. One for vert and one for street.
The smaller street board made more since for the type of tricks we were doing.

The picture in the middle is me doing a boneless to wall ride. Melvin wanted to kill us some time because we skated on everything.
Melvin would show up for work and some kid was already there trying to skate on Skatetime’s side wall, the work bench, the roof and
some nut like me trying to bring down The Clown Ramp deck support. Now that I’m older, I know reason Melvin would get so angry! haha

Yes! that’s Anthony Armstrong dropping in baby!
I got a friend to take my pictures, this was my 6th time dropping in. Look at my body and face, I was scared the entire time. It took me a week to get use to dropping in.
The reason I had a hard time dropping in? I was 20 something at the time. Most teenager would drop in with no problem because they
don’t think about slamming. If you remember, I was skateboarding old school 70s style when I show up at Skatetime and skated a vert ramp for the first time.

I don’t have any pictures from the Wip N Dip contest, but I found this flyer I have been saving forever. The reason? I broke my hand before the contest
doing nothing. All those years of skateboarding, I had both feet on the back of my skateboard on the Wip N Dip bank, my board slipped forward with my
feet on edge, I put my hand back.
Broke Hand Doing Nothing!
There were hundreds of kids at that contest. I had to drive myself to the hospital because everybody was so hyped up, nobody wanted to leave. I didn’t skate
Wip N Dip a lot, but a lot of people love that skate spot. I would listen to a friend T Mo talk about Wip N Dip. It sound like the coolest skate spot on the plant,
he loved that Wip N Dip skate spot like a lot of guys in Dallas did.

PS: Here’s the reason I know where to place this flyer on the page. Pictures above, not wearing a rector wrist guard. Pictures below wearing rector wrist guard! Haha


This was about the time street skateboarding was taking off, Big Time.

Grinding, board slides and doing blunts on curves, street plants. Skateboarder today will laugh about what I am going to say about picture 3 with me doing a ollie grab.
Ollie’s were so new at this time, people would only do ollie’s with freestyle board. That what I was riding. Haha Then I would get my street board and skate street
leaving the ollie behind.
Dam that’s funny to day in 2000.

I remember when ollie’s took off in Texas! I was at a Skate Park of Houston Pro contest, Orange Grove St, 1980s something.
Around the block and down the street a bit was a hotel where most of the Pro skater were staying. I was hanging out by the pool with some friends. The pool was
kidney shape. Some guy told me to look out, move over. Mark Gonzales was skating down the sidewalk and ollied the kidney neck of that pool.
It was out of control! That gap was big! Some of the guys were flipping out and I couldn’t talk. If I didn’t see it with my see. I would not believed it.
After that night, the ollie was the number 1 street trick. Now you need an ollie for almost every trick today. The ollie killed my number 1 trick the boneless.
In skateboarding trick go and come in cycles, thank god for that, because the boneless came back as a new trick with Pro’s later on.

There were a ton of good skater in Dallas and Houston that could do ollie at the time.
Mark Gonzales ollied that night in a was we could see passed (freestyle skateboarding!)
This is about the time I started ADX

I love skateboarding. The only thing I loved more then skateboarding was drawing, and designing thing.
I had a one color T shirt screen printer, and put one of my drawings on a T shirt. One kid liked the drawing.
Thats how I started ADX Skateboarding. I had no idea what I was doing, and getting into.

This is the first ADX Skateboarding T shirt clothing line flyer I found looking through some old artwork that I kept over the years.
An original 1988 ADX Skateboarding flyer.
It’s the only one a have left. You can see I used a typewriter on the flyer, haha. That was a long time ago.
PS: Everything was hand drawn back then.


_____ I cleaned up the flyers artwork (In Photoshop. I’m old not stupid) to create the original ADX Skateboard T shirt artwork.

Here’s the first repop ADX shirt you can find at Redbubble
These Two photos show the Clown Ramp with different setups.
Melvin would remove some of the Clown Ramp parts for repairs.
After that the Clown Ramp got the name, The Blue Ramp. That’s Jeff Phillips on the right.

This photo, flyer, and T shirt is from the first skateboard contest The City of Dallas put on in Dallas, Texas.
Melvin from Skatetime PRO shop sponsored the contest, and I did an ADX demo with a skateboard team I sponsored.
I designed the street ramps, and the City of Dallas made them. They were made super good by the city.


I created ADX flyers to put into skateboard shops.
You can see how I improved the artwork. My art got a lot better in one year. I made the skater more
hardcore than the skater on the first ADX flyer.

Anthony D. Armstrong /ADX 1980s collection
The last of Anthony's 1980s ADX skateboarding stuff / Skatetime Clown Ramp memorabilia


Here’s a flyer I made with different style art for a contest.
This was near the end of ADX. I was trying out a new skateboard company called Tribe.

The Beginning
of Suny Skateboarding

I remade this Suny T shirt design in 2012. You can find the shirt for sale at this link.
Suny T shirt and sticker link!
_ _ _
Fast forward to 2015
52 years old.
Anthony skateboarding at Vandergriff Skate Park in Arlington Texas
with BMX friend, Mark Galvan from Elm street tattoo’s and Kellie Wilson

Video on YouTube.

I wrecked my body, trying Nollie Kickflips. I didn’t pull it.
I tried, for over an hour at Vandergriff Skate Park.

Nollie Kickflip video on YouTube.


Skateboarding at Guapo April 12, 2016. I shot a few runs on video, and posted it on
YouTube. I had fun, and didn’t get hurt, pretty good for a 53 years old skateboarder.
Old Man Bowl Jam BBQ Music Festival April 1, 2017

I bummed a ride to the Old Man Bowl Jam BBQ Music Festival, with Chaiken and Jimmy.
Here’s the photos and video from the trip.

The best part about the trip was I didn’t get hurt skateboarding 54 years old. haha

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