Nic and Alice Mathis, skateboarding at 4dwn September 2017
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Nic is a skateboarding buddy I been friends with for a long time. I ran into Nic at a mini ramp contest at 4dwn skateboard park.
Nic had his daughter Alice at the contest. I was surprised to see she was skateboarding, Very Cool! Nic told me,
he wanted to get Alice some skateboarding gear/clothing. Nic said Alice wasn’t having that, she likes skateboarding in her dress.
I laughed so hard, and had a great time. Alice skateboarded the entire time, till dark.

Nic tried negotiation with Alice to stop skateboarding at night. It didn’t go well, Alice wanted to keep skateboarding.
Nic Mathis is a great dad just like his father. It was fun to see daddy Nic in action.
Photos by Anthony D. Armstrong

The Big Negotiation

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