Anthony D Armstrong

Multi-media developer:
Interface Designer, Video Editor Video Filmer,
Presentation, Banners, Animator, Mini Games.

Vector Illustrator:
Mechanical, Electrical, and Mechanical Device Illustrations.


Anthony Project Examples:

Dart interactive website, with dart station arrival and departure times.

To view this panel, click the Get Moving button. Then click a Category. Under
the Category you will be able to pick a location, you would like. When you
click the location, you will see the Dart lines and station on the map. Click
the station, you will get a panel with the Texts file information.

This interface was design for kids to have fun on their online experience.
I designed and programmed this website in 2009.

Tools used on this project include:
Flash, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.


ACTC Presentation Intro:
This presentation intro movie was made to play on the desktop. It not streamed
for the internet. It might have to be fully download to play. The client supplied all
the artwork, music, and then I programmed it Flash.

Tools used on this project include:

Flash, and Photoshop.


Train Illustration:

These train illustrations were drawn in CorelDRAW to be animated in Flash.


ASD / Anthony Scooter Designs
Scooter Illustrations are drawn in CorelDraw, then painted in Photoshop. Some of
the scooter models I draw are my personal scooters. The rest are scooters I
worked on formy scooter company


3D Model Designs:
I design this site to showoff the motion navigation in Flash. This website models
were designed in Strata 3D CX 5.

Tools used in this project include:
Flash 5, Flash CS3, Strata 3D CX 5, ACID Pro 4.0, Sound Forge 7.0,
CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.


Icon Master
I made this game to prove you could make a lower file size games with
Flash back in the day. At the time Director Shockwave was used for
making game. I program the (engine) for Icon Master on a plane trip
to New York, with a SWF file under 10kb. At home and cleaned up
the programming and added better artwork at 61kb.

Tools used on this project include:
Flash, Sound Forge and Corel Web designer.

Anthony D. Armstrong
_Multi-media Flash developer starting in 1999
_Vector illustration specialist starting in 1996
_Filmora video editor starting in 2019

Tools used on projects:
_1. Filmora video editor
_2. Adobe Photoshop CS5.1. Mostly Photoshop CS2!
_3. Dreamweaver
_4. Flash 5 actionscript programming in combination
____with CS3, and Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5.
_5. CorelDRAW 9 in combination with Illustrator.

Other tools used on projects:
__Strata 3D CX 5, Swift 3D, Swift 3D V.2, Icon Editor,
__Microangelo Animator, ACID Pro 4.0, Sound Forge 7.0,
__GIF Construction set, Screen saver studio, ScreenTime

Education: Mountain View Community College
____________ Majored in Engineering Graphics

____________ In the 1980’s I started a skateboard company called ADX.
____________ The company is called to day. This is where I
____________ learned to use the tools above.

Video filmed, produced and edited by Anthony
Tools used to make video: Adobe Photoshop CS2,
CorelDRAW 9, Flash 5, Sound Forge 7.0 Nikon D5600 Camera.