Flash Developer:
Interface, Presentation, Banners, Animator, Mini games and websites.

Vector Illustrator:
Medical, Electrical, and Mechanical device illustrations. Animating them for
instruction brochures.

I’m willing to work on any project that match my skills.


Anthony D. Armstrong project examples:

1. Dart rail line website.
Interactive Flash website artwork, Interface and programming was made by
Anthony over an eight month period.

The original design had Dart's logo and colors in the website. After not getting
a work
contract with Dart’s website team, I change the websites colors, and
name too Ride and Walk Community RWCS. I was under the impression
I would get a contract, that’s the reason this project is so robust.

The opening SWF file is 402 kb. This SWF pulls in other SWF files, and Text
files when needed. The interface will pull in 203 SWF files, 147 Text files.

The interface will pull in data from Text files that show the Arrival and Departure
time for each train station. The idea was to have a none Flash person
update this panel.

To view this panel, click the Get Moving button. Then click a Category. Under the
Category you will be able to pick a place, you would like to go. When you click
that, you will see the Dart lines and station on the map. Click one of those and
you will get the panel with the Texts file information.

This interface was designed with, kids and young people in mind to have fun on
their online experience. I designed and programmed this website in 2009.
This shows my skill level today 2016.

Tools I used on this project include:
Flash, CorelDRAW, Photoshop Dreamweaver and Notepad.


2. ACTC Presentation Intro
This presentation intro movie was made to play on a desktop.
It hasn’t been streamed for the internet. It might have to be fully
download to play. The client supplied all the artwork, music, and
said make it Flash. I animated the elements in Flash.

Tools I used on this project include:
Flash, and Photoshop.


3. Train illustration
I made these train illustrations for the Dart rail line website above. I drew these
illustration in Flash, because I knew I wanted to animate them. Some art can
be easily drawn in Flash. On a more complex drawing I use a
vector-based program.

Tool I used on this project:


4. ASD Anthony Scooter Designs - Vintage Scooter Illustrations.
My scooter Illustrations are drawn in CorelDraw, then painted in Photoshop.
Some of the scooter models I draw are my personal scooters, and the rest
are photos of scooters I shot over the years. Today I work on vintage
Lambretta’s and Vespa’s scooters. Here’s the website I made for my
scooter work AnthonyScooterWork.com

Tools I used on this project include:
Flash, CorelDRAW, Photoshop Dreamweaver and Notepad.


5. 3D Model Designs
I design this site to showoff the motion navigation in Flash, and love drawing
futuristic motorcycles. I started playing around with Strata 3D CX 5, because
I didn’t have enough power to run Maya. Strata 3D was great for the models
I was making.

On this website, click the 3D design button. It shows my 3D design skills.
The motorcycle is a 2D design, I made into a 3D model. I had to use a doll
model to design the girl on the opening page. The curves and shapes of a
human body is the hard to figure out.
On the 3D page has the first time I use Flash to pull jpg’s into a Flash website.

Tools I used on this project include:
Flash 5, Flash CS3, Strata 3D CX 5, ACID Pro 4.0, Sound Forge 7.0,
CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.


6. Icon Master
I made this game to prove you could make lower file size games with Flash. At
the time Director Shockwave was used for making game. I program the engine
for Icon Master, on a plane trip to New York, with a SWF file under 10kb. I got
home and cleaned up the programming and added better artwork at 61kb.

The average Shockwave game file was 1.00MB and bigger. Let’s just say the
company started using Flash. Remember in 2000, dial-up modems were used.

Tools I used on this project include:
Flash, Sound Forge and Corel Web designer.

This is a old Flash game I made back in the day, and it’s still fun for
me to play today

Anthony D. Armstrong

Multi-media Flash developer 2000 to 2016.
Vector illustration specialist 1996 to 2016.

Brands worked on over the years:
Differin, Eli Lilly Diabetes, Dr. Pepper, TGI Friday, Dickies, ATCE
Seven Up, Inc., Reilly Foods, Galderma Laboratories, Saab, Audi,
Porsche, Mandalay Bay, Mr. Rags, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Cola,
Abbott, Adly Moto, DallasCowboys, Dart and
State Representative Helen Giddings

Tools I use the most:
1. Flash 5 actionscript programming in combination
__with CS3, and Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5.
2. CorelDRAW 9 in combination with Illustrator.
3. Adobe Photoshop CS5.1. Mostly Photoshop CS2!
4. Dreamweaver
5. QuickTime. Mostly cutting video for YouTube.

The following tools I use:
Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, Adobe Flash CS3, MX ,
Flash 5, Flash 4, Strata 3D CX 5, Swift 3D, Swift 3D V.2,
3D studio, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Corel Draw 9, Illustrator,
Dreamweaver 4, Icon Editor, Microangelo Animator,
ACID Pro 4.0, Sound Forge 7.0, GIF Construction set,
Front page 2000, Corel Web designer, Screen saver studio,
ScreenTime, SwiffCANVAS, QuickTime and learning Maya 7.0

Education: Mountain View Community College
__________Majored in Engineering Graphics

In high school I did my first patent pending for a rubber band
powered helicopter designed. This was one of many toys I
designed in elementary, and high school.