Anthony D. Armstrong /ADX 1980s collection
The last of my 1980s ADX skateboarding stuff / Skatetime Clown Ramp memorabilia

(ADX Group 1)

ADX T-shirt street boneless 1987



Original silk screen, test print on paper.
I had to change this drawing because it has Thrasher and Vision on it.
I replaced Thrasher with Texas on the T-shirt above.

(ADX Group 2)

ADX T-shirt, Dallas Crum Snatcher 1987

Mike Crum skating the Clown Ramp

1987 Dallas Crum Snatcher - test silk screen print on cloth material

(ADX Group 3)

ADX T-shirt
Don’t think, Just drop in! 1988.
With the new 1989 ADX logo on the front.

Original (Don’t think, Just drop in!) marker pen drawing on paper 1988

(ADX Group 4)

ADX T-shirt
The King - One of the first ADX T-shirts. This T-shirt maybe from 1986.
I didn’t put ADX or the dates on the first designs. On the back you can see ADX in small letters.

(ADX Group 5)

ADX T-shirt
ADX Skull design with Brian Pennington doing a invert.
This is the first test screen print on paper. I forgot to add his name and ADX on the drawing. I added it on the next test print.
The original design had the skull and ADX on it.

(ADX Group 6)

ADX Jacket
This is my original 1980s ADX jacket I sold at Skatetime Pro shop.
I added patches to the jacket I got from joining the Bones Brigade Team and
patches I got at the Shut Up and skate contest.

(ADX Group 7)

ADX Stickers
The last of my 1980s ADX stickers, along with one black on black Skatetime Pro shop sticker.
The black on black Skatetime sticker is rare. Melvin the owner of Skatetime didn’t like the sticker
because you couldn’t see the Skatetime logo from different angles.

Sometimes I cut up ADX stickers and use the pieces to make a multicolor color sticker.

This is the original pen-and-ink drawing on paper, for the ADX sticker above.

(ADX Group 8)

The last of my 1980s contest flyers.

Skatetime Pro shop: Contest flyers - Dallas, Texas

Dillo Pro shop: Contest flyers - Austin, Texas
The Skateboard Shop: Contest flyers - Plano, Texas_________
Richardson Square Mall: Contest flyers - Richardson, Texas_______

Skatepark of Houston: Contest flyers - Houston, Texas

Lone Star skate: Contest flyers - Austin, Texas
Jeff Phillips Indoor Skateboard Park: Contest flyers - Dallas, Texas
Capitol Skateboard and Accessories: Contest flyers - ???, Texas

Texas Pro Skates: Contest flyers - Grand Prairie, Texas
World Skateboard Tour: Contest flyers - Dallas, Texas
Chairmen of the boards: Contest flyers - Irving, Texas

Wip N Dip Ditch Jam 2: Contest flyers - Dallas, Texas
I will always remember this contest. I showed up and practice. When I was standing
around hanging out. I slipped on my skateboard and broke my hand.
Then I had to drive my, stick shift car with one hand to the hospital.

(ADX Group 9)

The last of my 1980s contest T-shirts.

Dillo Pro shop, Austin Texas

I might have won this Eppic Wheels T-shirt at a Skatetime contest. I don’t remember?

(ADX Group 10)

Anthony D. Armstrong / ADX 1980s trophies and certificates

(ADX Group 11)

ADX flyers, promotional stuff, brochures and posters.
The paper flyer on the upper left side is the oldest one. I was still using a typewriter when I laid out this flyer to make copies.
It’s the only one I have left of the old ADX designs.

(ADX Group 12)

1988 - Today - The Dallas Morning News

Anthony ADX and Mosquito Dave 2017

(ADX Group 13)

These magazines have my name or ADX stickers and T-shirts in them.

Bryan Pennington, center page wearing a ADX T-shirt.

(ADX Group 14)

Anthony’s 1980s ADX photo album.
Photos from Skatetime Pro shop, Shut Up and Skate contest
and The Skatepark of Houston, Shut Up and Skate contest,
with a few autographs from Pros.